Twice a year (1st week in May and the 1st week in November) we have our countdown sale.  It works like a reverse auction. Mon/Tue 50% off...Wed 60% off...Thurs 65% off...Fri 70% off...Sat 75% off...Here's how it works: if on Monday you place a Friday bid on an item, that item can be outbid if someone comes along before Friday and places a Wed or Thurs bid on it...otherwise, if no other bids are received on the item, your Friday bid will win it.  

Our next sale is May 6th thru May 11th...Last day to bring in jewelry that you would like to be included in this sale is Monday April 1, 2019!!


@Elaine Hand thanks for requesting our catalog. We have you signed up for our newsletter, where our catalog will be published the weekend prior to our sale. Looking forward to seeing you week of May 6th!

The Jewelry Gallery March 21, 2019

I’m requesting a catalog sent via email. Thank you.

Elaine Hand March 21, 2019

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